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My Research Based Approach

  Research proves theories and gives facts their validity. The impact of nutrition on health in research has been studied for decades. I love that the proven results of studies along with the new discoveries that are taking place daily can improve our current health and life. However the volume of information coming from all angles is overwhelming and leaves so many questions! What do you do? How do you know? Who can keep up? That's where I come in.

   After years of personal infertility struggles I was in that same position but luckily had the education and training to know what was valid and what was a waste of time. I knew the information I was coming across would be interesting and important for other women in this same stage of life. Working with a dietitian is the answer! With integrative and functional nutrition you get a personalized approach encompassing  nutrition, health, and healing. 

   As a registered and licensed dietitian, I specialize in Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy, utilizing an evidence-based holistic approach to help individuals set up a healthy foundation during this fragile and vital time in their lives. Life, as we all know,  is not easy. The road to having and raising a child can be long and may have (many) hurdles. My experiences academically, professionally, and personally have led me to this point and shaped who I am. Unless someone has experienced struggle, they may not know the toll it can take. I know the ups and downs that may come with trying to have a child and the impact wellness plays. I hope I can help you have the best possible outcomes when it comes to planning for your baby and nourishing them as they grow.

What you do today has an impact. What you do today makes a difference. 

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