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Prenatal Consulting

Diet and lifestyle choices during pregnancy have a direct impact on your health during and after pregnancy, as well as the health of your baby and even the next generation according to recent research.

Rest assured you are making the best choices for both you and your baby by choosing this package designed for pregnant women. This package can be adjusted based on where you are in your pregnancy​.  If you are diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes and just starting your consults, we can adjust package offerings to meet your needs.

The 3 Trimester Prenatal Plan:

  • This plan consists of an initial full nutrition assessment (1.5 hours) and three follow-up sessions (45 min.)* 

  • Personalized plan JUST FOR YOU comprising of:

    • Evidence-based food and nutrient recommendations from and expert in the field 

    • Custom, target supplement plan

    • Lifestyle and environmental guidelines

    • Physical activity and movement modifications

    • Recipes, weekly menus and snack handouts 

    • Unlimited messaging support throughout program

  • Additional 10% off professional grade supplements 
    $2800 value


Cost: $1150 (payment plans available)

*Your plan can be adjusted based off of current stage of pregnancy


**Combine with Postnatal Package, and Baby Led Weaning for increased value, ask about details

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