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Baby-Led Weaning

Your baby has the ability to feed themselves. Providing the opportunity for this innate behavior to flourish can build a foundation for a lifelong healthy relationship with food. 

Baby Led Weaning (BLW) is a feeding technique that supports babies learning to eat by feeding themselves using whole foods. Using BLW you can create a positive environment around mealtime, encourage your child's development of their fine motor skills and expose them to a variety of foods and textures. Mealtime is family-friendly and you are able to enjoy your food along with your child, giving them the confidence to eat on their own.    

Baby-Led Feeding:

  • 2-hour training course covers:

    • First foods

    • Important nutrients

    • Choking versus gagging

    • Food modifications for safety

    • New recommendations for introduction to potential allergens  

  • Course provides clear instructions and the freedom to have all your questions answered by a trained BLW educator utilizing the latest research guidelines

  • Complimentary recipe booklet and helpful tips and summary handout

  • Recommended tools to have on hand included


Cost: $45​

Individual or group teaching sessions available​, contact to discuss options. 

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