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Improving the Odds
Through Nutrition

Preconception, pregnancy, and infancy are vital stages in the creation and development of life. We know nutrition has a direct impact on an individual's health and the health of future generations. 

Let me help you navigate the latest research and apply it specifically to you and your goals.

An integrative & functional nutrition approach ideal for people planning to conceive 

For pregnant women wanting to make sure they are getting the best nutrition for themselves and their baby

Helping new moms recover from delivery, replete nutrients and move forward into motherhood


Helping parents teach babies to eat solid foods and enhance their motor skills  

Legal Research and Writing

A Research-Based Approach

As an experienced Clinical Dietitian, my fundamental outlook

on health and nutrition is rooted in research-based science with an integrative and functional approach. 

I take the same approach to fertility-related nutrition and I am constantly searching for the latest in medical research, publications, and other scientific studies within the field of fertility-related medicine.  

The Fertility RD

Hello and welcome! I am Carly Fenimore, a licensed and Registered Dietitian based in Charlotte, North Carolina. I have been studying and practicing in the field of dietetics for the past decade.


Out of circumstance came a passion for an area of nutrition I felt called to  pursue and so, Fertility RD was created to help others during this delicate and beautiful stage of life. So much during this critical time is impacted by nutrition - not just for mother, father and baby, but future generations as well.  

I am here for you so together, we can work to set up the best foundation for you and your baby. 

Science has proven factors beyond diet can play an equally-important role in determining your chances to conceive and deliver a healthy baby. We will discuss what this looks like for you and your partner including modifications that will benefit your fertility, pregnancy, health, and the life of your baby. 

Environmental Factors

An All-Inclusive Review

Of Health and Fertility

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